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*Hewlett Packard 51625\No 25 Colour Compatible Inkjet Cartridge - 24ml
$25.95NewAvailable online

*Hewlett Packard 51625\No 25 Colour Compatible Inkjet Cartridge - 24ml

Hewlett Packard 51625\No 25 Colour Compatible Inkjet Cartridge - 24ml Maximum Capacity!

*Hewlett Packard 51625\No 25 Colour Compatible Inkjet Cartridge - 24ml

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Product Information

Type: Compatible Inkjet Cartridge
Pack Contents: 1 x Hewlett Packard 51625\No25 Colour Compatible Inkjet Cartridge contains 19.5ml ink exactly the same as HP original HP51625A
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Save up to 50% on printing costs.
Highest quality compatible cartridge.
Printer guarantee.
100% satisfaction or your money back.

Further Information

Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges
These inkjet cartridges are remanufactured to exacting standards. All inkjet cartridges are disassembled, ultrasonically bathed, cleaned and reassembled to provide a product that will meet very high standards in output quality and print life.
Once the cleaning process is complete, each cartridge is filled with top quality premium inks using state-of-the-art filling machines specially designed to minimize wear and tear on the cartridges. After the filling process, the cartridges are thoroughly print tested to ensure top quality printing.
Every cartridge is quality controlled throughout each process to ensure that each printhead is prepared to print like new.

Frequently Asked Questions?
Q.Will the quality of print be equivalent to that of the original?
A.Yes,because we only use the highest quality products from Europes leading manufacturers, you can be certain that the results will be at least equivalent to that of the original.
Q.Will the print life be equal to that of the original?
A.Yes, in some cases the print life of the cartridge can be in excess of the original.
Q.Will using a compatible cartridge void my manufacturers warranty?
A.No, the original equipment manufacturer cannot void your warranty simply for using compatible cartridges. In fact there are laws preventing manufacturers from doing just that. Manufacturers can however refuse to repair a printer under warranty if it is proved that a remanufactured cartridge has caused damage to the printer.Hence our guarantee!
Q.What is your guarantee!
A.We guarantee that our products will not damage or cause premature failure to your printer. If as a direct result of using our compatible cartridges damage occurs to your printer we guarantee to either repair or replace the printer absolutely free of charge!

100% satisfaction guarantee!





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