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Dymo 31000 Rhino Tape Aluminium N-Adhes 12mm x 4.8m
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Dymo 31000 Rhino Tape Aluminium N-Adhes 12mm x 4.8m

Dymo Rhino 31000 Tape Aluminium N-Adhes 12mm x 4.8m - Original

Dymo 31000 Rhino Tape Aluminium N-Adhes 12mm x 4.8m

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Dymo
Type: Original Label Tape
Pack Contents: 1 x Dymo Rhino 31000 Tape Aluminium N-Adhes 12mm x 4.8m - Original
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DYMO 31000 Industrial Embossing Non-Adhesive Aluminum Tag Label Tape - 12mm x 4.88m.
M1011 Metal Tape Embosser
Robust classic embossing tool for heavy-duty labelling jobs in the factory or on-site, providing easy and permanent cable identification. The 320mm long x 130mm wide x 120mm high tool has a circular window, a pointer (for quick and unambiguous character selection) and a spring-loaded label cutter with integral safety guard. Character height is 4.76mm. The marking process produces a permanent, deep surface mark which is resistant to weather extremes, high levels of UV light and corrosion.

Features and Benefits:
• Ideal for marking pipelines, engine parts and underground cables
• Aluminium and stainless steel labels resistant to chemicals, extreme weather and high low temperature abrasion
• Rugged cast aluminium frame
• 2.5 mm diameter hole punch
• 4.76 mm character height
• Mirror script

Features & Benefits
How do you use cable markers?
Specifically designed for identifying cables, cable markers are essential in conduit and bundles. They not only assist engineers and technicians with identifying wires or cables, but they also assist with health, safety and effective maintenance.

How you use a cable marker can vary, as their method of application can differ. Adhesive and self-laminating are generally used for terminated wires, they wrap around the wire with a clear protective layer. Clip and slide on labeling are generally colour coded or pre-printed with letters, numbers and symbols. The single characters can also be combined to create a legend. Some are straight, some are chevron shaped. Whilst slide on markers need to be applied pre-termination, clip-on can be applied after termination. Heat shrink, shrunk to fit the cable are flexible, durable and do not fall off. Tie on tags or markers can generally be used on larger bundles.
RS offers a large range of cable ties, markers, labels and kits.

• Hole punch size 2.5mm diameter
• Offers facility to produce easy, on-the-spot cable ties
• Cuts tape with rounded edges, for safety, and has knob to adjust embossing depth

• Mainly used where cable marking is required to have resistance to extremes of weather, temperature and corrosion
• Used for salt water applications, tagging of pipes, underground cables, greasy engine components and manufacturing equipment
• Reversed image wheel facilitates use on moulds or casts for metal or rubber injection, silicon casting and fibreglass applications

Supplied with
1 stainless steel and 1 aluminium reel, normal and reversed image wheel, and instruction manual

Further Information

M1011 Label Embosser





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